Seoul Station Druid

Seoul Station Druid

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What is the release schedule for Seoul Station Druid manga?

Seoul Station Druid Chapters are released twice a month. But sometimes, the chapters get delayed. Bookmark u003ca href=u0022 to stay notified whenever a new chapter is released.


What started out as an ordinary day turned upside down when an unknown catastrophe struck Earth, transporting Suho Park to a different planet. He eventually learns how to adapt and fight for his survival in this foreign world, but one day, just as suddenly as he was sucked into this new planet, Suho is pulled back to Earth. He quickly learns that return to life as he remembers it is no longer possible, as Earth is in constant battle with monsters who’ve managed to infiltrate the planet. How will Suho fight against the monsters attacking Earth, and will he be able to survive this time with his current skills?


I’ve been avoiding reading Solo Leveling for the longest time because I’m afraid that I can’t give the most hyped fantasy action manhwa / webtoon the proper treatment it deserves. So, in lieu of that, I’ve been reading its peers such as this one! 

I really like this story because the character is overpowered and there are wolves! I also enjoyed that they kind of gamified the setting of the world – where the creatures that appear from the portals have become the norm and humankind has adjusted to deal with this issue. 

I’m not quite sure how to give this a review just yet but so far, the story is sufficiently amusing. I like the skill trees and the potential the story has. There’s about 46 chapters out at the time of this review but I only read up to 27 (I don’t have the coins to read them on webtoon sad) so I’ll definitely update this review once I have more chapters under my belt! 


Fun read with the average premise of the “gates/portals appeared one day and the MC got stuck in it and is an anomaly” genre. SSD is a bit unique imo because so far I’ve only seen the MCs get stuck in the “training facility” setting with monsters/ aliens, where as this bad boy had to tarzan his way out of the gate after a thousand years and no-one believes; I thought that was a bit funny honestly lol.



About Seoul Station Druid

Park Sooho returned to Earth after disappearing to another world for a thousand years. During that time, Earth had changed into a world of the survival of the fittest thanks to the appearance of monsters. Druid, the king of the animals, who had managed to survive for a thousand years is now off to conquer the world.

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